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Game Design + Illustration

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What is it?

Portents is a 1-2 player strategy game the I kickstarted with Newmill Industries in 2022. I designed the game and did the art for it. It won the medium weight category in the Board Game Design Workshop Contest in 2021.

In Portents, the players are fortune tellers trying to make their futures out of a pile of bird sacrifices (B.S) on an altar. As they strategically rearrange the bones they try to form the titular portents, lines of three, that will allow them to collect Omens from alongside the altar and scry their fortune first.

How does it play?

The game is a competitive sliding puzzle where players are essentially trying to play tic-tac-toe with the colors and shapes on the tiles. On your turn, you push up to 3 tiles onto the board, check if you've made a line of 3 with a matching color or shape, and then collect any Omens you can with it. It's a thoughtful, brain burning race to collect sets and block your opponent.


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